Jack & Rebecca

Jack is the head photographer, of Headshots Raleigh AND Dr. Cowlicks Photography.

He is the professional re-toucher and digital artist of the Dr. Cowlicks Photography production team which he runs with Rebecca, the producer and creative stylist.   He launched Headshots Raleigh to meet the demand of headshot requests from his customers.   

Dr. Cowlicks specializes in portraiture,  and commercial photography requiring masterful lighting, professional re-touching, and advanced photoshop for the digital art creations produced by this team.

Any decent photographer can take a headshot, but if you want your headshot taken by a high end photographer and digital artist, you’ve come to the right place.  

The Studio

Our studio is  450 square feet, with 12 foot ceilings, which includes an over sized AC unit to keep our clients, cool and extra dry to avoid shiny faces.  Our Dr Cowlicks Photography and Headshots Raleigh portfolios were all shot in our studio.  12 foot ceilings allow for the use of all of our favorite light modifiers, over sized umbrella’s for exceptional soft light, and the room to place them high for creative and dramatic lighting.  Most studio’s do not have the room to control light as well as we can. Light control is key to making you look your best.