Two months only! Limited availability!

July/August Budget Friendly Beauty Shoot 

“The White Room Shoot”

” A portrait photoshoot, by a high end beauty photographer, at a fraction of the price”

Jack is also the head photographer of Dr Cowlicks Portraits.  The Dr Cowlicks team provides a luxurious, “super model for a day” beauty shoot, which includes a full day of pampering with snacks/drinks, wardrobe consultation, a creative director, hair & makeup artists, amazing photography, a fully customized photoshoot, masterful lighting, and magazine quality photoshop post processing.  Everyone want’s one of these shoots, but this level of service starts at $1200.  So he is offering an “express” version under his Headshots Raleigh brand.

” You’re going to be blown away by how fabulous you look! “


You will not find this level of photography anywhere at this price!
20 full resolution digitals, at a price of only $15 each.

Note, a single headshot costs $149.

Only 2 slots available each week

They will sell out FAAAAAST,  book early!



”  Your friends will rave at how incredible you look on camera “

The Details…

Jack has developed a fast and efficient workflow that removes the numerous hours spent on a full blown shoot.  By drastically cutting the work hours down, he can offer a budget version at a huge discount for people who can’t afford a full blown Dr Cowlicks dream shoot. 


  • 1.5 hours of shooting
  • Full resolution, digital files, via dropbox, instead of prints
  • “Angelic white lighting” only.  The “white room lighting”, used in the examples to the right, make skin look so amazing, expensive retouching is not required, only light editing.
  • Standardized workflow of poses. Jack puts you through 30+ of the most popular poses in about an hour.  It’s fast & fun!
  • Jack selects the top 20 photos right at the end of the shoot and delivers them via dropbox within 2 days.
  • 1 outfit only
  • You get the same great photographer
  • The same great lighting and studio
  • $300 for the 20 best shots (only $15 a shot!), delivered as full resolution digitals
  • This offer is only available through Headshots Raleigh, and is not a full blown Dr. Cowlicks photoshoot.
  • $50 to reserver your time slot

Actual photos from a “white room shoot”.

Easily the best portraits I’ve had done!

Lindsey B.

Professional Hair + Makeup upgrade


    Hair & Makeup is available by our same high end artists we use on our full blown photoshoots at the reduced rate of $95 for both.

Offer ends in








We are located right off Falls of the Neuse and 540

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“HeadshotsRaleigh is  a subsidiary of Dr Cowlicks Photography”