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Sometimes our clients say it best.

I don’t often write reviews, despite the fact I tend to rely on them heavily. However, I felt this interaction warranted a few sincere words regarding how professional and personable Jack was in his handling of my needs. First, my request was quite last minute. Jack was extremely responsive and made an earnest attempt to accommodate my schedule, despite my running behind due to both work and personal scheduling conflicts. Secondly, I cannot express how disarming Jack is in his demeanor and what I’ll call ‘shutter-side’ manner. Having never done this before, I was a bit self conscious. Jack’s professionalism and patience helped put all that to the side very quickly and we were able to get to the business of lighting, poses, profiles, etc, despite my amateur status. Another notable item is the interaction and participation he asks of you during the process to ensure you are connected to the outcome of the final product. Scoring and selecting the shots along the way helped to make sure there were no surprises on my end when the final product came. Turn around time was impressive. I was having these made for an article in a national publication, whose editor moved forward the deadline at the last minute. Again Jack rolled with the changes and produced a camera ready image for publishing in a reduced time frame than was originally agreed. Lastly, the quality of the final product was exceptional. Attention to detail was noticeable and overall professionalism could not be beat. I would not hesitate to return or refer anyone, pro or first timer, to Headshots of Raleigh. The work performed proved to be an excellent value. Thank you Jack! (and Rebecca too!) Mark Weed