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Jack is a step above, extremely creative, and a genius at his craft. I have taken headshots in NYC and Miami and nothing compares to his setup and professionalism. I’ll be back again! Garett Knights

Professional Actor

Light, bright and clean lighting for headshots. The blown out white background is popular with professionals on LinkedIn.

If you are not 100% thrilled with your headshot, NO CHARGE, period.

Dark and bold lighting with shadows for headshots is great for actors, theatre and people who want a bolder headshot.

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Dear Jack, I have an issue… can  you photoshop X,Y,Z ???



Yes, yes and yes.  Jack is a professional retoucher.  His photoshop skills far exceed what a typical photographer can do.


Here is one of his ART pieces he produced for a recent SENIORS PHOTOGRAPHY photoshoot.  Mia is an AP classes student, plays a blue electric guitar, and loves Van Halen.



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Advanced Photoshop Retouching



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