Headshots Raleigh

STAND OUT from the crowd with a professional headshot “

Polished portraits with masterful lighting

Lose 5lbs, 10lbs, 15lbs+
and get perfect skin with our advanced PHOTOSHOP editing.

Headshots for actors and other talent

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Matt lost 130lb’s in weight and came to me for a professional photoshoot

Amazing transformations

“BANNER” Headshots

Great for websites and social media banners

Realtor Headshots
with luxury digital home backgrounds

If you are not 100% thrilled with your headshot, NO CHARGE, period. No hassles, no questions asked, no hard feelings. W’ere serious. We only want 100% satisfied customers.

Our clients say it best!

5 Reasons to choose Headshots Raleigh

  • We spend twice as much time with you, as most of our competitors, guaranteeing we get a great shot.  Most people do not realize, it takes 30-40 minutes on average for someone to get comfortable on camera. 

  • We shoot tethered. This means you can see the photos as they are shot, in real time, on a 27″ Mac screen vs the tiny screen on the back of the camera.    This way you can be 100% confident that you have a great headshot before you leave.

  • We make you look amazing by going beyond a “basic retouch”. We use our advanced retouching skills on your photograph.   We spend up to an hour on retouching your photo to get that high-end professional look that can make a magazine cover.

  • Great lighting is the key to great photography.  Our studio is optimized with lighting in mind.  We have over sized light modifiers that create the softest light, making your skin look it’s best.

  • Posing is a very real skill.  Not a model? Not a problem. We have coached numerous models on proper posing.  Don’t know where your hands go? Which way to look or turn? Don’t worry about it. We will help you through every step.

Located in North Raleigh, off of Falls of the Neuse/540

Digital Backgrounds for Headshots

Digital backgrounds require EXPERT photoshop skills. Jack has years of digital art experience.
No need to waste time shooting on location where the lighting is not optimal.




1 photo with advanced photoshop retouching

60 minute session

2 outfits

LinkedIn version




Branding Session


3 photos w/ advanced photoshop

+1   digital background

Up to 2 hours

4 outfits





Split a 1 hour session

Otherwise same as standard package


$109 each




Actor Headshots


4 photos

60 minute session

2 outfits

“actor retouching”

Premium Actor


10 photos

2 hour session

5 outfits

“actor retouching”

Staff Headshots

We have special affordable bulk shooting rates for on site staff headshots.
Just email us for a quote.

**WEEKEND SHOOTS: + $50 paid in advance, for studio setup, non-refundable.

** Full resolution digitals delivered via Dropbox.  Lifetime use license.  Average 200 images taken for a full session.

**ADVANCED PHOTOSHOP – Inlcudes perfect skin retouching, body shaping, symmetry tweaks ( droopy eyes, straightening noses, fixing chopped teeth, etc), enhancing hairlines, adding hair volume, cleaning eyes, reducing red skin, and much more. The most polished image you can get.

**ACTOR RETOUCHING – heavy photoshop is typically not allowed for actor headshots, so we do an “impercetible retouch”. Meaning we remove imperfections that are temporary, like blemishes, and realistically soften lines.  A great natural look, with no photoshop work detectible.

Add a single digital background

for $50.

On site Hair/Makeup Artist

Professional hair:  $45
Makeup: $45
Both: $75

See your photos during the shoot.

 Jack shoots tethered, which means you can watch your photo’s pop up on his large 27″ calibrated screen.  He then walks you through photos several times during the shoot, helping you choose your best angles and poses.  Before you leave the shoot, you are already 100% confident you have a shot you love before Jack starts his retouching work.

Cinematic Styled Headshots

Childrens Headshots for Talent Agencies, etc

PERFECT White Backgrounds

The popular “corporate white background” is actually technically difficult to do correctly.

Check the sides of the face in the photo.  If you can see the the light bouncing off the sides of the face from the bright white background, that is a sign of poor lighting by your photographer.  The lighting should look natural on the face, without the bright light artificially lighting each side of the face.

The Studio

You will spend up to an hour with Jack in his studio. Jack typically takes 200 shots in a session. You will explore different angles, poses and expressions with his coaching.

You will get the softest light which makes your skin look incredible, because with 12 foot ceilings, Jack has room for the largest light modifiers.  The larger the “light umbrella” the softer the light, the better your skin looks.

Where to use your headshot

  • On your website
  • On your blog
  • In your email signature
  • On your youtube channel
  • On your staff pages
  • Conferences/badges
  • In Book Jackets


One of our recent clients, Debra May, needed a professional headshot for her website and social media.

Here is Debra’s previous casual photo from her website.

I recently had the pleasure of doing business with HeadshotsRaleigh. Jack is a gifted photographer who produces top notch work at a very reasonable price. The whole process was fun and efficient. I am extremely pleased with the resulting photo. It is professional and natural. I highly recommend Jack and his amazing partner, Rebecca for this service.

Debra May

Life Coach, Life Coaching 4 Prosperity

I scrolled the web looking for a photographer in Raleigh that would provide professional and timeless headshots to my specifications. I found HeadshotsRaleigh and worked with Jack to coordinate headshots for our Raleigh sales team. What a talented photographer and artist! Many times a headshot is part of our first impression with clients, and HeadshotsRaleigh reflects the professional service that we offer. I highly recommend Raleigh Headshots!

Brittney Boyce

Assistant Vice President, Marketing

When I decided to get my headshot done, I chose one of North Carolinas top photographers.  Headshots are easy compared to this guys regular photography projects. Be sure to check out his non-headshot portfolio to see the technical skills you are dealing with here.

Jason C. - Sales Manager

Jack was able to schedule an appointment quickly and provided a very professional photograph for my business cards.  He was competitively priced and very convenient.

Nathan C. - MBA

HeadshotsRaleigh was just what I was looking for. I got a clean, professional look that is perfect for resumes and online services. Jack was professional and knowledgeable; he even showed me examples of his work so I could get exactly the look I wanted.  The best part, he had a high resolution image for me to use fast so I could update the image I put out to potential employers.

David H. - Financial Consultant

Jack is obsessed with coaching the best possible headshot out of you!