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Tom Bate MBA Headshots

  Jack, It’s been about a year since my photo shoot, but wanted to let you know that last week in Atlanta, my company held its national sales meeting. I won manager of the year for best sales region in the United States. When they call people on stage, they grab...

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Vivian Stein Actress/Model

Vivian “Vivie” Stein is an actress/model from Raleigh, NC. Vivian is a very independent, outgoing, and vibrant 2 year old with a passion for performance including singing, dancing, and acting/role-playing. She has a true spark and her energy shines through in all that...

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Arykah Naomi DeVaughn Actor Headshots

Arykah Naomi DeVaughn is a North Carolina native with a vibrant personality and passion for life. Arykah enjoys participating in pageantry, dancing tap and ballet, horseback riding, going to the beach, and playing with her brother and friends etc. Beginning modeling...

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